Pan de Dia Ranchito

(Our Daily Bread)

Situated between the majestic San Juan Mountains and the high desert of Southwest Colorado, Pan de Dia is located in Lewis, Colorado at an elevation of 6600′.

As a family owned and operated farmstead, the pursuit of quality Irish Dexter Cattle for use as family milk cow prospects, breeding stock and grass-fed/finished beef is a primary goal.

Genetic testing along with conformation and temperament are used to select broodstock and client offerings. Testing is used in part to pursue dun/red polled and A2/A2 Beta Casein traits.

The Dexter Cow (historically known as the Irish House Cow) found its way into our lives in 2007 while searching for the ideal small landowner’s cow, the Dexter proved to be ideal. Their early history from Ireland and England demonstrated the inherent features of the breed for the small property owner and family farms around the world. The breed has demonstrated them to be the “environmentally friendly” choice.

The docile temperament, friendly nature, and thrifty constitution was seen as a natural choice. The milking abilities of the Dexter are ideal for the health concious person who desires a superior “raw milk” option. The Dexter’s ability to finish well on a diet of mother’s milk and grass forage produces a tasty and healthy food for the family. 

As with all Dexter owners, once we get started on the Dexter breed, it’s hard to get us to stop.