About Us

The roots of small farmstead life were born with childhood. Having found our ways to Colorado, we’d choose no other place to call home. Pan de Dia (“our daily bread” in spanish) reminds us that our little piece of God’s green earth sustains us by meeting all of our daily needs. From our “Family House Cows”, the honey bees and poultry through the orchard and garden, our physical, emotional and spiritual needs are well satisfied. With Colorado’s sunshine and irrigation water from the Dolores river basin, our cattle are well fed.

“Pan de Dia (“Our Daily Bread” in Spanish) reminds us that our little piece of God’s green earth sustains by meeting all our daily needs. From the family cows, poultry, and bees through the garden and orchard, and “Rosie” the farm dog, our life on the farm sustains us physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Rosie – the farm dog. Rosie’s goal in life is to oversee the farmstead and inspire the cattle when requested. Fortunately the cows typically knows what is being requested of them and with Rosie’s influence – they are motivated to comply.

Honey bees – no pens and fencing are required. Fortunately  Rosie  has no interest in their activities.

A mixture of chickens are a basic at the farmstead. Rosie keeps a close eye on the flock in an effort to keep the fox, coyotes, wild cats and bears at-bay.