Sale Barn

Pan de Dia Elena

A.D.C.A. # pending

D.O.B. 4-15-20     Red, carries Dun, Polled

Chondrodysplasia: Non-Carrier

P.H.A.: Carrier Note: This heifer is a carrier of P.H.A. and must not be bred to a bull carrying P.H.A. Any offspring considered as breeding stock should be tested for P.H.A.


Pan de Dia Ranchito typically has grass fed and finished beef for sale during the winter season. Dexters being of significantly smaller stature, the dexter cuts are smaller than store-bought. If you’re looking for T-bone steaks which fill a platter, do not get a dexter. Dexter cuts are approximately 1/2 the size of conventual cuts. Given the trend towards more healthy eating, dexter beef may be the choice for you. We typically sell sides of beef (1/2) and have the processing done locally. A side of dexter beef typically weighs 180 pounds (hanging weight).